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Xena lathes and milling machines, assisted by the Tachyon controller, are the result of decades of work aimed at revamping conventional machining techniques.

  • Xena means profitable conventional machine shops
  • Xena is also the solution for addressing the labor shortage as a boost to your shop’s performance will reduce the amount of necessary work stations without having to hire additional personnel

To make complex machining accessible to any machinist with basic conventional machining knowledge, we now have Xena!


Since 1985, Akira-Seiki has been offering equipment designed for mass production at competitive pricing. Akira-Seiki is constantly expanding its range of products by basing themselves on their previous successes.

Today, the AKIRA-SEIKI includes:

  • Vertical machining center
  • Horizontal machining center
  • Multi-sided machining center
  • Machining center with 5 simultaneous axes
  • CNC lathe

For quality equipment at a competitive price, the logical choice is AKIRA-SEIKI!

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Full range of CNC machine tools. This internationally renowned range is synonymous with: high precision, high performance, robust design and rock-solid reliability.

If you have an urgent need for numerically controlled machine tools, Johnford has an impressive inventory available for immediate delivery anywhere on North American soil.

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Their reputation for manufacturing quality products across the automotive industry along with the experience they have acquired in this domain us what has allowed AKOMAC to now be able to offer a complete range of top quality products for the general transformation of sheet metal.

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FERMAT is a manufacturer of large capacity horizontal boring and milling machine with a long tradition of production of machine tools in the Czech Republic.

Since 1902, FERMAT has been a symbol of quality, rigidity and reliability.

Today, FERMAT has over 500 production employees working in 8 divisions.

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Since 2007 RADAR is a reference brand for CNC vertical lathes. The design with octagonal RAM, single piece column and 15 degree angle bench is the result of a long history of continuous improvement.

RADAR can count on a solid team, some of which have more than 50 years of experience in manufacturing and designing machine tools. RADAR vertical lathes offer the possibility of turning operation, grinding and milling through the living tool option.

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Four Star

You need to be machine on 5 sides of a coin 5.4m (17 feet) x 3.5m (11 feet) x 36m (118 feet) ?

Manufacturer specialised in the production of very large double column milling machines.

Thanks to their excellent rigidity of structure and design with movable bridge, a FOUR-STAR milling machine will be a wise choice for a reliable, precise equipment and a high quality of assembly.

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KINWA has been a lathe manufacturer since 1973. If you need a CNC lathe dedicated to the mass production of small pieces, the KINWA GANG TOOL series will be your best choice in terms of quality/price ratio.

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Range of conventional machine tools for metal work by milling.

The main series being HYPERMILL and DORADO.

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Range of conventional machine tools, for metal working by TURNING.

The main series being MILLENNIUM.

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Range of machine tools for drilling operations.

The main series being ALPHA.

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Range of machine tools for vertical and horizontal sawing operations.
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Range of machine tools for plane and cylindrical GRINDING operations.

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Range of machine tools for sheet metal work.

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A productive workstation must be equipped with quality accessories chosen for their durability, ergonomic conception, ease of use or simply for their indispensability.

For accessories that are indispensable for a high performance workstation.

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Used machines

Although ISOTOP Machinery does not specialise in the sale of used equipment, opportunities do arise for us to be able to offer equipment in very good condition and competitive prices.

Visit us regularly to hear about any new offers !

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